The best workout apps for women

If you’ve searched for a workout app you’ll know that there are literally thousands to choose from.

So which do you opt for?

Go for a big name? An expensive option? A freebie? Something recommended by a friend?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! We’ve looked at and worked out with hundreds of workout apps – and narrowed it down to what we think are the best 10 on the market. The good news is, some claim to only take minutes too, so no more excuses for not getting active!


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If music is the key to you getting moving then Aaptiv could be the perfect app for you. High tempo music matched to 2,500+ trainer led classes will keep you motivated and pushing on towards your fitness goals – whether that’s beginner level activity – or full marathon training.

There’s a great free version available – but monthly memberships start from around £9.99 and allow you to access the full range of classes and tracks.


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Fitness guru Kayla Itsines has created an extremely in-depth app that makes a custom workout for you based on your goals and current fitness levels.

The app is designed to be accessible whether you’re a gym-pro or an absolute beginner and consists of a series of 28-minute workouts. The workouts can be custom planned to include anything from bodyweight home-based movements to gym-focused weights and machine exercises. At around £19.99 per month it’s a more-costly option than many on this list, but it leave no stone unturned in your quest for fitness!


13 - The best workout apps for women

FizzUp promises a personal trainer in your pocket experience – and it certainly delivers! You begin by entering some personal info that helps the app tailor a fitness plan to exactly suit you, your current level and your goals.

The makers of the app promise you’ll see a change to your fitness and physique within 6 weeks – and you can choose whether or not to build fitness equipment into your plan, meaning it’s great if you’d like to workout at home. There’s a free version of the app that provides loads of value and workouts – and a monthly cost of £14.99 if you’d like to unlock a little more goal tracking and functionality.

Under Armour Record

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If integration is your thing then Under Armour’s Record app has everything covered – and we mean everything!

The app tracks your steps, your workouts, your sleep and even your diet (by working with the MyFitnessPal app) – then creates workouts that are designed to keep you progressing toward your goals.

You can connect to the app in a number of ways, from fitness bands and headphones to connected trainers! The app is free and has some great tracking and planning functionality – but be prepared for spending some serious money if you want the connected hardware – great if you’re a high-level gym-goer, but the app alone will be enough for most of us.

30 Day Fitness Challenge

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The 30 Day Fitness Challenge app has seen a lot of press coverage recently so you might already be aware of it – but it very definitely needs a place on this list!

Set yourself a challenge and the app will put together a workout routine for you. As you can imagine, the intensity ups through the days – but genuinely leaves you feeling fitter than when you started at the end of the month! The reminders and videos were really helpful – and the abs, full body and butt challenges give you plenty of variety if you’ve got a particular goal in mind.

The app is free – and there are a few adverts, but nothing that will put you off using it.

Better Points

Better Points is the only app on this list that actually rewards you for working out! You collect points you collect by walking, running,  cycling – or even just ditching the car and taking public transport.

The points add up into money off at a variety of popular shopping names, including John Lewis, Starbucks and Amazon. You can also reward yourself at Hotel Chocolat – although that might defeat the object of a fitness app!

Daily Yoga

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Whether you’re an experienced Yogi or an out and out beginner, there’s going to be something for you at Daily Yoga.

There are over 100 yoga classes that account for all abilities – plus a tracking system that shows how much you’ve come on over the course of your yoga fitness experience. There are great music tracks that match the intensity of the workout perfectly too – so you can focus on your practice with all your senses!

There’s a free Daily Yoga app – or a Pro version that costs around £9.99 per month.

Dance Fitness Lite

If dancing is your thing then you’ve just found the perfect app! With a huge range of dance types (from Bollywood to Zumba) you can just plug your headphones in and shake your way to fitness!

There’s a paid option on top of the free version which opens up new dances and routines – but the free version’s got plenty to keep you dancing for a while!

Carrot Fit

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If you’re approaching fitness with a sense of humour then Carrot Fit might be the perfect solution for you! The Carrot app’s slightly robotic female voice is going to give you a hard time – and that’s clear from the moment you’re greeted as a ‘slightly chubby human’!

Fitness comes in the form of 7-minute high-intensity workouts. They’re tough – but they’re guaranteed to get you fit and dropping dress sizes! They have some bizarre names – but don’t worry, you’ll be too out of breath to be laughing! The app costs around £3.99 to download and when you’re in there are some additional workouts you can unlock for around £1.99.

StrongLifts 5×5

18 - The best workout apps for women

There are many weightlifting apps that seem to have men as their core audience – but in reality, weights can be an exceptional way for women to tone up too.

Stronglifts takes all the guessing out of weights. There are no strange moves or complex names – just 5 simple exercises that require you to repeat them 5 times. You can track your progress with the app – and it even gives you a timer that let you know how long you should be resting between exercises. The free version of Stronglifts is great and perfectly adequate – although you can unlock some additional features for around £7.99 per month.

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