The 5 Steps To Beating Addiction

Addictions come in many forms they can include things like alcohol and drugs and even take more abstract forms like social media or even video gaming. But whatever your addiction is trying to combat it yourself is rarely going to lead to success. You can always go searching for a rehab centre like the Detox of South Florida recommends on their website for help, but before you do that let’s look at how you can overcome your addiction in more detail.

Because addictions can take so many different forms overcoming them is more complicated than many people realize. The old-fashioned “cold turkey” technique isn’t really going to work for the vast majority of people. While some addictions like those with drugs and alcohol are more extreme than others, any kind of addiction will have a negative impact on your life.

Addictions are also much more widespread than many people realize and can affect people of any age. Children, in particular, are greatly at risk of addiction to social media, think about it how long do you or your children spend looking at their phone? Beating any addiction will be a daunting task and it might even seem impossible at first.

But it can be done and there are millions of inspiring success stories out there, with hard work and effort comes a better life once you’ve been your addiction. So, without further ado let’s look at the five steps everyone will need to take if they want to successfully beat their addictions.

Step 1 – Admitting The Addiction

They say the first step is one of the most difficult and when it comes to overcoming and beating an addiction that is certainly true. Whatever your addiction is admitting you have it and that it’s a problem is going to be very hard. Deep down you will likely know you have an addiction but admitting it to yourself is not easy.

Once you admit to yourself that you have an addiction you’ll have to admit it to other people as well. Feelings of shame, embarrassment and weakness will all come with this for the majority of people but before you can begin the journey towards beating your addictions you’ll need to admit you have one.

Step 2 – Getting Help

Once you’ve admitted that you have an addiction and that you need to make a change you’ll need to move onto the next step which is getting help. Whatever your addiction is there will be people out there who can help, if you don’t know where to find help then going to speak to your doctor will be a great first step.

They’ll be able to point you in the right direction and may even be able to put you in touch with any local support groups or charities who can help. In more extreme cases you might also join a rehab clinic or group for professional help and support. You should also remember that your friends and family can be an amazing help when it comes to beating your addiction as well.

Step 3 – Educating Yourself

Now, this is one of the most tricky parts of the recovery process, if you want to beat your addiction then many people will benefit from learning more about them. But make sure you do this in a professional way, in other words, don’t just use Google and the internet. Get some more professional sources and books and educate yourself about your addiction.


Support groups and charities can also help with this, which is why trying to find one is going to be beneficial. When you educate yourself about the dangers of your addiction you’re going to be less likely to relapse and you could even help other people who are trying to beat their addictions in the future.

I’d strongly advise not rushing into this step straight away though make sure you’re comfortable first. Trying to educate yourself about your addiction to early could just cause you to fall back into it, so take your time and only start learning about it when you feel you are ready.

Step 4 – The Stages of Recovery

This is one of the best steps of beating any addiction however it’s also a step that is rife with dangers. Relapsing when you’re in the process of beating your addiction is not uncommon which is why you should never celebrate too soon. When you’re in the early stages of recovery you should focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and find new ways to help combat your addictions.

Many people turn to hobbies or things like exercise to help them stay focused. Some great advice to follow is to focus on building new healthy habits and rebuilding and repairing any harm or damage your addictions have caused. This will help you stay on the track towards success, it will be tough, but you can do it!

Step 5 – Maintaining A Healthy Attitude   

Once you get past the difficult first six months or year your journey towards beating addiction will usually be a lot easier. But just because you are past the early stages of recovery does not mean you will never go back to your old addictions. Yes, it’s not the most comforting thought is it? But it can happen, and many people have managed to beat their addictions only to “fall of the wagon” years later.

That’s why many people with more extreme addictions like with alcohol, for example, will not even take the chance of drinking it again. There’s no one right way to ensure you never fall back into old habits and addictions it all depends on you!

Things will get easier with time, but you will still need to work hard if you want to ensure your old dangerous addictions never flair back up. For many people, this will be a life-long battle, but you can do it and with the help of friends and family it will be a lot easier.

So, that’s the five steps to beating addiction it’s a long and difficult journey but you can do it and remember you don’t have to do it alone, there is help out there.

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