How Long Does Fybogel Take To Work?

Fybogel, is made up of a fiber whose scientific name is Isphagula husk, is a laxative administered to someone who has difficulty in defecating better known as constipating. This includes constipation during pregnancy. It is also used for the maintenance of regularity and the management of bowel function for patients who may be suffering from hemorrhoids, anal fissure, colostomy, irritable bowel syndrome or ulcerative colitis.

It is usually in the form of granules which maybe plain or fruit-flavored which are mixed with water to make a drink which is rich in fiber. This substance is available in supermarkets, pharmacies and can be prescribed by a doctor.

It is best taken twice a day mostly in the morning and in the evening, preferably after taking a meal or a snack. It takes two or three days for it work ensuring you are back to your normal self almost immediately.

Ensure you take plenty of water whenever you take this drink to make sure it courses your entire blood stream. There are no age limits to taking this drink, however, we advise you to only give this drink to children above the age of six. For younger children, make sure you have a medical prescription to do so.

Expectant and lactating mothers can also take this drink as it will have no adverse effects on their babies. Fybogel has not been shown to have any adverse effects on fertility so this should not be a cause of worry.

Also, it has no or negligible influence on the ability to drive or when operating any machinery. Therefore, you can take it and go on with your day-to-day activities. However, there are some people who should never take this laxative.

If you have had an allergic reaction to Fybogel before then you should never at any cost, consume it again. People with a bowel obstruction or any muscle weakness of the bowel or have phenylketonuria should also avoid this drink. Please avail your entire medical history to your doctor who will then gauge whether this laxative is helpful or harmful to you.

Dosage Required

Fybogel comes in the form of sachets which are mainly lemon or orange flavored. A child above the age of thirteen and an adult should take one sachet twice a day. Those aged between six and twelve should take a five-milliliter spoonful of the sachet twice a day. Children under the age of six should take a five-milliliter spoonful twice a day but only under medical supervision.

For the elderly, there is no indication that the dosage should be modified to suit them, therefore, administer it as you would any other adult. It leaves no bad after taste unlike other medications. It is fruit-flavored to appeal to those who may have a problem taking medicine especially children. The effects of this laxative will begin in twelve to twenty four hours.

How to take it

This medicine is only intended for oral use as a suspension in water. First of all, open the sachet and carefully pour the contents into an empty glass. Add about a hundred and fifty milliliters of cold water and then stir well to make sure all the granules have completely dissolved. If the solution is clear, drink it straight away.

Avoid breathing in the powder as you prepare the concoction as it may trigger a slight allergic reaction which is characterized by sneezing. If you take too much of Fybogel, just take ample glasses of water. If this does not calm your nerves then you may consult your doctor. Avoid going to sleep immediately after you have taken it as this may cause bloating.

Precautions for use

This laxative should never be taken dry as this may lead to an overdose which may cause abdominal discomfort, bowel obstruction or even flatulence. To counteract this, take adequate fluids to ensure the extra laxative is efficiently dissolved. It should not be administered to patients who have symptoms such as vomiting, unless advised by the doctor. Medical supervision is advised while administering the laxative to the elderly and debilitated patients.

Side Effects

Like all medication, Fybogel may cause a few side effects in some people. The rest experience no side effects or very minor ones. The most common side effects are wind and bloating. This occurs due to the sudden increase of fiber in your diet. However, this poses no harm as it will clear out in a few days. If these side effects do carry on, please consult your doctor. Sometimes a mild reaction such as an itchy nose or itchy eyes may occur but this is only temporary.

Sometimes, however, some people experience a serious allergic reaction to the laxative. The following are the major signs that you may be having a serious allergic reaction, such as, tightness in your chest or thoracic cavity, wheezing, a skin rash, anaphylaxis which is not being able to breathe properly, swelling around your mouth, tongue or even throat. In case you have a serious allergic reaction to Fybogel, please report this so that closer monitoring can be carried to ascertain what may have caused it and how this can be avoided in future.

You should be cautious while mixing some other medicines with Fybogel. A medicine such as carbamazepine which is used to treat epilepsy has been shown to be less effective once taken alongside Fybogel. The same is evident with most heart medication and gut medicine. Administer these drugs at least an hour before taking Fybogel. There are no known problems for mixing Fybogel with home-made remedies or herbal supplements.

Fybogel has a shelf-life of about three years so it can be kept for later use and will still be as effective. It should be stored in a cool, dry place with a temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius. It should be kept away from the reach of children who may assume it is a type of sweet because of its flavor.

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