Wiggle Room: Why Having a Home Gym Doesn’t Require Actual Equipment

When someone wants to feel healthy, it was pretty much the norm to think that exercise should be a part of the daily routine. What was stopping most people was either time or money. It is no secret that gyms are one of the best places to really regain control of your health. The trouble is that gym memberships can be quite costly and it will take time to get to it and back from it.

As not everyone has the funds or the spare time to go to the gym, a lot of people tend to skip out on physical activity altogether. For those that really wanted to get healthy through regular exercise, the idea of a home gym became really appealing. However, it was commonly believed that to have a truly effective home gym, certain equipment was required.

Equipment like:

  • Treadmill
  • Weights
  • Stationary Cycle

These were thought to be what was necessary to create a good home gym. We wanted to take some time to discuss the fact that this is not correct in the very least. In fact, it is a wholly outdated look and approach to a home gym and it is a belief that you should toss out as soon as you can.

Cozy and Functional

41 - Wiggle Room: Why Having a Home Gym Doesn’t Require Actual Equipment

The home gym shouldn’t have to look like a professional gym. You’re not training for the Olympics; you’re simply trying to take control of your health routine. A home gym should feel like a part of your home and therefore, should be cozy and functional. The floorings or mats should be chosen well to ensure that you don’t slip while doing your exercise routine.

While weights are still welcome, they shouldn’t be something that would be high on your priority list. They can be nice to have but they aren’t wholly necessary.

Exercise Options

42 - Wiggle Room: Why Having a Home Gym Doesn’t Require Actual Equipment

Gone are the days where you needed clunky mechanisms to really bust out a workout. Thankfully, the days of having to jump around and do weird cardio is also gone as well. Instead, there are more exercise options that do not really require the use of equipment. Exercises like Yoga and Pilates are fairly self-contained.

They do not require a significant amount of space and mostly what you will need is a mat to help you keep your balance as you do different poses to work on your health. When you’re smart about the exercise that you choose, you get to control what should be in your home gym.


Choosing to be healthy and working out is no longer restricted to the confines of a gym or the confines of a fully equipped home gym. Instead, there are now better and smarter ways to be more active within the confines of your home without having to break the bank. We hope that you take this to heart whenever you think that you have to spend a lot in order to be active or healthy.

With this in mind, why do you think that home gyms no longer require actual equipment?

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