How You Can Spend a Little Less around the House to Build Your Health Fund

Health is wealth and it will require actual wealth to sustain good health. There is no secret around the fact that everyone needs a health fund.

What is a health fund?

A health fund is quite different from health insurance. While health insurance protects you from sudden extreme illness or confinement, a health fund is what you tap into for checkups or even medicines for colds, fevers, and mild health concerns. Ideally, every person in your family should have a health fund of at least $1000.

The problem that a lot of people have is the fact that a health fund always appears to be pretty low on the priority scale as there are other things that should be prioritized instead. We completely understand this since it costs a lot of money to sustain a life—much more when you sustain several lives. Maintaining a household, factoring in daily needs like food, commute, gas, and so many other things can be really overwhelming.

What we wanted to discuss today is how you can effectively spend less around your home in order to effectively build a health fund.


Buy Local

Buying local usually refers to going to the local farmer’s market instead of established grocery stores. Not only are the prices significantly lower, you help to build a sustainable economy. Another reason why buying local is good is the fact that fewer pesticides are used by local farmers.

Pack a Lunch

When you go to work or when your kids go to school, it is often more cost effective to pack a lunch. Not only will you get to control portions and save up, you get to know what exactly is going into your body. You get to control home much sugar you take in and what sort of vitamins and minerals you intake.


Do Regular Maintenance Checks

When you do regular maintenance checks around your home, you help to prevent damage or issues that can really cost you money down the line. A homeowner that is on top of his or her home can save nearly $5000 a year in quick fixes or issues.

Learn to Fix Things Yourself

A huge chunk of money often goes into paying someone else to do a task that you can do yourself. The trouble with this is that depending on the business you go to, you can end up costing yourself a whole lot of money as opposed to when you just did the job yourself. Being practical is important in this day and age as everything is so expensive—especially labor.


It doesn’t take much to save up. It’s when you do small things that end up piling up that you get to accomplish so much. A health fund is there to make sure that you will never find yourself in dire straights when you need something medical in a pinch.

What else do you think you can do in order to save up around the house and finally get around to building your health fund?

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